Protect Your Home During Christmas Holiday!

Time:12/19 2016 02:26

Christmas is coming!


Are you planning for a holiday trip, or a family reunion in another city? During this wonderful holiday season, you must hope your home is well protected and you are worry free and fully enjoy your holiday!


Most people may spend hundreds of dollars to buy security cameras to protect their homes. This is truly a time and money consuming way. Today, we introduce an app that can help you to set up a professional home security system in seconds, and IT IS FREE!


The app, AtHome Camera, paired with AtHome Video Streamer, turns any of your personal computer, Smart TV/Set-top Box, smartphone, and tablet into a home surveillance system. Using AtHome Camera, you are able to keep an eye on your home or store, watch live streaming, and receive alerts through an email in case of an incident happened when you are away.

Then how to set up this free app? First, install AtHome Video Streamer app on a used iPhone or Android phone, or a computer with USB webcam. Make sure they are connected to your home WIFI. Then, on another smart phone which you will bring with you when you are away, install a viewer app, AtHome Camera. After pairing the two apps by scanning the QR code on the AtHome Video Streamer, you can start to use your free home security system. YES, IT IS FREE! From now on, whenever and wherever you are, you can always watch live video on your smart phone.


You can also set up motion detection to get immediate alert in case someone breaks into your home or store. The motion-triggered video can be saved into your device, or can be uploaded to the cloud if you subscribe the Could Service.

The free app supports almost all the features that a professional monitor system could have, such as scheduled recording, motion triggered recording, night version, email and push notification, remote control, and two-way talk etc.  All the communications between AtHome Streamer and AtHome Camera are encrypted. Premium Cloud Service can also backup alarm-triggered video to make it even more secure.

AtHome Camera app also supports IP camera with AtHome Camera brand. The IP camera supports HD video, provides much better video quality, and has 12 infrared lights for up to 10 meters of night version.

Further, we have a Special Promotion for the holiday season, If you purchase the Premium Service of AtHome Camera between Dec.15, 2016 and Jan.15,2017, you can get a $20 discount coupon for the IP Camera in our APP online store.