What's new in the version 3.2.2

Time:04/13 2016 04:14

 It's here! It's here! Version 3.2.2 has arrived, packed with a lot of new features, and available for everyone.

Some users often asked if they could transfer the cloud service to other device. Now we are happy to tell you that this feature has been added in the new version3.2.2. With the cloud transfer function, you can achieve the maximum utilization of the cloud service!

Let's have a look at an example below. The IOS streamer is premium and the Windows streamer is free. How to transfer the cloud service from the IOS streamer to The Windows streamer? I'll illustrate how it works to help you learn more about the upcoming release!


Click ME on the main page, you will find the Service transfer function, click it and you are presented with a list which contains all the streamers you have purchased before. Now we choose the IOS streamer and click transfer. 

By clicking the transfer button, the Windows streamer will be displayed. Tick the box next to it and hit the arrow button at the bottom. At last, click the confirm button to complete the transfer.

A dialog will pop up saying that you have successfully transferred the cloud service! 

OK, and now we return to the main page, we find that the Windows streamer has become the premium streamer while the IOS streamer free!

The process is quite simple! Now enjoy and make the most of the cloud service!

So, head on over and try it now! We hope you like it.

Download here: