The first update of AtHome Camera in 2016

Time:01/29 2016 05:25

The first update of AtHome Camera in 2016: A lot of considerate functions have been added!

Through the pleasure and pain of 3.0.0, AtHome Camera has become more and more convenient. What surprise will AtHome Camera bring us this time?

1. Set focus point by double tapping;
Upgrade both viewer and AVS to version 3.1.1 and now user can set focus point by double tapping on certain point among the image. The picture instantly becomes clearer.


2. Support display of the battery value at streamer side;
Similarly, you need to update both sides to version 3.1.1, then you can check the remaining battery level of AVS on the viewer. Remember to charge your phone regularly.

3. Improve the UI of QR code scanning;
Encounter problem When scanning QR codes? Now click the brush button in the upper right corner and enter the CID number, user name and password manually, you can connect quickly.
If the lights dim when you scan the QR code, click the bulb on the bottom left corner, the flashlight will turn on and light up, isn’t it so considerate?

4. Supporte screen brightness in the absence of flash illumination;
In previous versions, you can turn on the flash illumination on the viewer to light up the rear lens area! In the version 3.1.1, you can even use the same flash button to control the screen brightness, the front camera can also be used in the dark.


5.Enable the hardware encoding;

The AVS version 3.1.1 enables the hardware coding on Android 4.2, iOS8 or above, which improves the video coding efficiency and lowers power. What’s more, the soft coding and hard coding can be switched in the menu.


In addition, it has added prerecord which could buffer video before a motion is detected. No longer miss the crucial moment!

AtHome Camera, your home safe guarder in the palm of your hand!

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