Top 5 Home Security Apps To Monitor Your Home

Time:12/17 2015 03:02

Until now, your Smartphone helped you to chat with your friends, stay connected with the world on-the-go, and do many other things. But now, it also turns out that your Smartphone can help you have control over your home’s security!

Monitor the activities going on at your home from a remote location with these top 5 home security apps. These free home security apps for Android devices allow you to keep an eye on your loved ones back at home, even while you are away! In short, you can turn your Smartphone into a robust home security system and get the peace of mind!

Most of these home security apps are available to use only once you’ve installed the device at your home for inspection.

AtHome Camera – Home Security:

AtHome Camera

Use your Android device to maintain optimum security at your home with the AtHome Camera app. This home security app enables you to not only save your family from potential threats, but also save a lot of money of installing a home security system. In case any motion is triggered the app records a 30 second video and notifies you via Email and push notification. You can also specify the time to start / stop the video recording. However, to receive a mail, you will have to set an email ID by going to the Menu > Motion Alarms > Email Alert. You will then have to activate the email alert option and set an email address.

To use this app, you would need an IP camera, or a desktop, or a spare Smartphone at your home. You will then have to generate a QR code from the home device, scan it from your Smartphone, and register yourself. You will also have to connect both the devices for which you would need the CID number, username, and password of the home device. The CID number would be right on the screen but to retrieve the username and password, you will have to go to the streamer settings of the home device. By following this procedure, you could be all set to use this app.

The app also allows you to talk and capture images while you are watching the live video. With this app, you can see live video of the things happening in and around your home, enable auto-delete of the recorded videos, see scheduled videos and motion triggered videos from the video library, and do much more.

To install the application, click here.


Take responsibility of the security of your home in an interactive manner with the home security app.This app uses custom alerts to inform you about specific events that have happened and also allows you to track the history of the activities at your home. Other benefits of this app include: the capability to arm and disarm the system, see live video clips, control the thermostat’s settings, and lock and unlock the front, back, and the garage doors. However, this app can only be used by someone who has’s house security system installed at their homes.

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Developed By: Mobile

Cox Home Security:

Cox Home Security

The Cox home security app is meant for people those who are using the Cox Home Security System. Users can remotely access the system from a remote place, see its connectivity state, arm and disarm the system, control the lighting devices and thermostat settings, and do much more.

Grab Cox home security app from here.

Developed By: Cox Communications, Inc.

BHN Home Security:

BHN Home Security

A next-gen way of maintaining home security, the BHN home security app enables users to get real-time updates of the activities happening at their home from anywhere in the world. This app is to be used by only those people who have a BHN Home Security and Control system installed at their home. Some of the key features of this app include:

  • Power to arm or disarm the system
  • Live camera feeds
  • Control over the thermostat’s settings and the installed lighting devices
  • Check event history by event type and date

Grab BHN home security app from here.

Developed By: Bright House Networks

SimpliSafe Home Security App:

SimpliSafe Home Security App

The SimpliSafe Home Security App is an exclusive application for the users of SimpliSafe Home Security System. It allows the users to view the overall system and its connectivity state, activate or deactivate the system, monitor the temperature of their home, and get notified when anyone goes near their home’s sensitive areas. To help users cope with the most common emergency situation faced by a household which is the leaking pipes, the app sends flood sensor alerts straightaway to a user’s phone.

The event log of the app allows users to check the history and identify who is visiting their home in their absence. Whenever anyone disarms the system, users get real-time messages and emails. Thus, users can instruct their children to disarm the system when they reach home as then they would come to know that their children have reached home safely.

Grab SimpliSafe Home Security App from here.

Developed By: SimpliSafe Home Security Systems

Hence, to keep tabs on your home 24*7*365, all you need is a little ingenuity and any of these home security apps.