iosappspy review AtHome Camera App

Time:04/10 2015 05:57

AtHome Camera and AtHome Video Streamer is a useful App to keep an eye on things such as kids, home and pet, and watch live streaming when you cannot be physically in the room, receives alerts wherever you are and be notified of incident right away.
The complete App has two parts to it, first AtHome Camera for remote surveillance or capturing the video and second AtHome Video Streamer for video streaming or viewing the video. Both of these have to be downloaded on separate devices and then paired with each other over 3G or Wi-Fi to give you an access and control of security camera.

App Features included Remote monitoring, Motion detection, Scheduled recording, Run at startup and hide on startup, Secure and private. The application is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Android TV set top box and can be downloaded on same or different platforms. Try AtHome its FREE !! More